Charles Schwab Challenge Grant

We’ve Accepted the Challenge, Will You Join Us?

First Tee Eastern Michigan has accepted the challenge to make your gift go further through the Charles Schwab Challenge Grant. The challenge is happening right now and our chapter’s ability to receive this match will be connected directly to your support!

$2 Raised = $1 Matched

*Assuming an overall increase in Donor Generated Revenue from 2022 – 2023.

We can make every gift go further, reach more kids and teens in our community, and make a bigger impact than ever before thanks to the Charles Schwab Challenge Grant.

From now through 2026, this matching grant will help our chapter deliver the life-changing impact of our program to kids from all walks of life. We will be able to expand our reach like never before and connect with kids and families in new and innovative ways. And we will be able to support the next great generation of mentors and leaders.